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“the openness with which you approached the design was exceptional.

I never came across the attitude that “leave the architecture to us”. You are both

(Kivi & Tuuli) immediately in an open flow state where the common idea begins to develop and grow.“

Ulla-Maaria Koivula, CEO Thinglink


“Tuuli & Kivi are like magicians. Everything they touch becomes beautiful.”

Tuula Teeri, President of IVA



“I had a privilege to work with Ateljé Sotamaa during the creation the of Fazer Experience Visitor Centre. The process was long and could not have been as successful as it was without Tuuli and Kivi Sotamaa’s excellent project management skills and way of working together with us.


I especially valued their ability to express their views and interprete them in concrete plans and steps. They also have very constructive approach to problem solving. Their creativity brought our stories alive and has delighted over 300 000 visitors after the centre was opened 1.10.2016.” 

Liisa Eerola, Director, 
Confectionery Communications & Group Partnerships, Fazer.

'Our new visitor centre is an experience for all the senses and a first of its kind in Finland. It is a considerable investment in Finnish design and work. We are very proud of the fact that we have been able to include so many top talents and, together, created something unique.'

President and CEO of the Fazer Group Christoph Vitzthum.

Fazer is Finland's most valuable brand. 
The Fazer Visitor Centre was visited by over 200 000 people during its first year.



“It was a great pleasure to work with Sotamaa during Astana Expo 2017. Ateljé Sotamaa created the Finnish pavilion architecture and exhibition concept under the theme Future Energy/Pure Energy. 

Both Tuuli and Kivi have an excellent ability to work with an abundance of ideas, translating a range of possibilities into one concrete reality, with a true sense of creativity and innovative touch. Their vision is solid and still full of finesse. 

Our project was realized in a very tight timeframe. Sotamaa were able to adjust to the demanding project in a very flexible manner. They committed to the project with their whole heart - and when needed, also worked closely together with the project team on the ground.” 

Annikka Alanko, Pavilion Director  
Finland at Astana Expo 2017 

'“It is easy and inspiring to work with Tuuli and Kivi Sotamaa. They are passionate and the way they work creates an inspiring atmosphere which also sparks the client. It is easy to work with the Sotamaas as they also stay within the budget, which often brings creative results to the project in hand” 

Samuil Angelov, Sommelier, Restauranteur 
Finnjävel, Muru, Pastis

“His great strength is his eye...He has an amazingly sharp eye.” 
Herbert Muschamp, The New York Times.


“Kivi is a classic member of the Finnish architectural tradition.

He has a tremendeous instinct for buildings.”
Jeffrey Kipnis, The Ohio State University.

'Utima is an experiment intended to evolve our relationship to what we eat. Chefs and owners Henri Alén and Tommi Tuominen are exploring the culinary applications of the circular economy, as well as the most innovative food and farming technologies today.


At Ateljé Sotamaa, our challenge was to create a milieu that spontaneously engages people in our process, while inspiring critical and creative discussions, challenging convention, and triggering cultural change, one diner at a time.'

Google SP-AN Book. Ultima: Dreaming the Future

'Ultima is a highly special environment, it can be viewed from a wider perspective as an example of design that consciously marries an experiential nature with responsability, a concept that should be extended beyond a fine dining experience.' 

ark review 6/2018

The holistically designed Finnjävel restaurant proved that bold investment in design can help make a business succesful. Finnjävel became a highly profitable fine dining restaurant and a culinary phenomenon in Finland. It was awarded the Culinary Culture Award by the Elo Foundation: 'In this manner, Finnjävel foregrounded the importance of embodied experience, the fact that architecture must be physically experienced. The merging of food, design, architecture, narrative, and music created a mood and a physical, multi-sensorial experience. The Finnjävel experience was not about just drinking and eating; it was about an embracing aesthetics - and about the chefs, sommeliers and waiters preparing the service from their hearts. The restaurant as a whole, its immaterial as well as material and human aspects, revolved around the experience of the guests.' 

SAC Journal 4/2018. Finnjävel - A Theatre of Gastronomy


'The unique and inventive decor of the restaurant has been created by Sotamaa’s awarded designers, Kivi and Tuuli Sotamaa. The aim has been to create an entire restaurant experience, for all the senses.  A fun detail is that many decor products designed for Finnjävel, such as the tableware, can also be purchased.'

Design From Finland: 

'The smart home of the Finnish studio Sotamaa in not so much a prefabricated system as a philosophy for living. It blends into the landscape, integrating nature and technology, and defines new neighborly relations'.

Being Open to Everything Around Us by Knud Walter.

“In addition to their unusually strong international presence, Kivi & Tuuli Sotamaa's projects have had a significant impact on the Finnish cultural landscape.'

Uusimaa Art & Culture Award.

"Other innovative projects included the recently launched architecture enterprise Atelier House, by brother-sister duo Sotamaa. The designers have conjured up the ideal answer to creating dream holiday homes made purely out of wood. Starting from sketches and then moving to 3D digital models, they allow clients to engage in every step of the design process, with the aim of creating affordable bespoke homes. The project is currently focusing on houses located on islands near Helsinki, with prototype models made of locally and sustainably sourced spruce and birch. Also being furniture designers, Sotamaa can even kit out the houses’ interiors. It’s the full package."


“Kivi Sotamaa and Johan Bettum (Kivi´s partner in Ocean North) - these two designers combine a deep appreciation for architectural design in terms of materials and construction with a keen awareness of contemporary fashion and design culture. They are without question the most couture of their generation and produce the most stunning and beautiful forms designed on a computer”.
Greg Lynn, Constellations in Practice

PRAXIS 6, 2004

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