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We design human experiences. We founded Ateljé Sotamaa to explore and architect beauty, strategy and human experience in the digital age.


We use the newest tools, concepts and materials to design and build life-changing experiences in the material world. Our mission is to delight. Our vision is a world less boring with more meaning. 


We are a global design and architecture studio that calls Helsinki home. Our team is dedicated to creating projects that have the power to transform people's thinking, emotions, and actions. From buildings to objects, communication to artworks, our work has taken us across the globe to places like Finland, Sweden, England, Italy, the USA, Japan, China, and Kazakhstan.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and practicality, using cutting-edge digital tools and techniques to develop innovative, bespoke solutions for our clients. By working closely with our clients, we uncover opportunities and translate their values, strategies, and visions into visually stunning designs.

Design for us isn't just about aesthetics, it's about creating projects that are sustainable, ethical, and contribute positively to the world. Our commitment to merging experiential design with a critical and responsible approach ensures that our work not only delights but also makes a difference.

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