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We design human experiences. We founded Ateljé Sotamaa to explore and architect beauty, strategy and human experience in the digital age.


We use the newest tools, concepts and materials to design and build life-changing experiences in the material world. Our mission is to delight. Our vision is a world less boring with more meaning. 


Ateljé Sotamaa is an international design and architecture studio based in Helsinki. We create buildings, spaces, objects, communication, infrastructure and artworks that change the way people think, feel and behave. We have realized projects in Finland, Sweden, England, Italy, USA, Japan, China and Kazakhstan.

We use ingenuity and digital technology to design projects that are unique, affordable and buildable. ​We work for our clients in order to create new opportunities and find unique solutions. We make the values, strategies and visions of our clients understandable and visible. We conduct research exploring the creative relationship of the designed environment and people. We combine experiential design with criticality and responsibility. 

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